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Hello i,am from holland
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Tue Apr 20 2010, 03:16pm
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hoi people.
my name is adriaan and i live in the Netherlands place Amsterdam.
i,am new here and i keep now 2,5 year killie,s.
and i was a member of the K.F.N but now i,am a member of the APK PORTUGAL .
i was beginning with Nortobrancius but it was not for me good enough.
now i,am breeding APh species Elberti and Exicuum that they are very nice species for me .
i breeding in tanks with maney plants and java mos and the mop .
and i let the fries by the parents and that going very good .
but i have not so very mutch fries ,but for keeping the species in my tanks they are enough for me ..
i breed in tanks from sice 20*20*30 and 20*25*30 and i have tanks 25*25*40 and 25*25*50 for keep swimming fish that i breed ..

I,am Here a member because I have here my best and best killi friends ???

so i hope that i have introduce my self good.

with my best regards ,
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Tue Apr 20 2010, 04:13pm
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Welcome my dear friend, I hope that you like this site. We are still building this page and many things will change as information and Photos are made available.As Always Only the Best to You..............Niko
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Tue Apr 20 2010, 04:48pm
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hi niko my friend

i will say that i like this site very match because
its very important that you can learn and read how it is for breeding killi,s and share photoos and information about this so beutiful hobby keeping killi.s
only the best to you niko adriaan
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Tue Apr 20 2010, 09:12pm

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Hello Adriaan:
My name is David.. Welcome to our site. I hope you find many interesting articles to read here, and sometimes different killie breeders use different ideas for the same outcome. Our group is very freindly, and always willing to help with ideas, and although I am a very novice grower, I have been learning from some of the best killie breeders in the USA. Some of our members have been in killies for a very long time, and this means lots of information to share. I only have been keeping killies myself for about 2+ years now.. I have about 25 aquariums.. mostly 10 gallon size (aprox 37 litres.)
I keep parent fish in a heavily planted aquarium, and sometimes, I move babies to a smaller tank...
I now have about 10 differnt varieties, mostly aphys...
Welcome again and please feel free to share photos.. This is a new site, and we will have more pictures as time goes on...

orchid addict gone to the dogs (and now Killies)
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Wed Apr 21 2010, 11:53am
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hello david
thanks for your replay i feel me here it home ..
there a lot of friendly persons here .
yes i will read maney information and i will in the future
post photoos on this forum .when i have a camera ????

david i have about 50 aquariums now and the most with plants i had a hundred aquariums but i have 50 aquariums gone away its a lot of work that ?????.

but it is very nice and a pleasure work in our fishroom ...

best regards adriaan
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Wed Sep 01 2010, 07:55pm
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Adrian I only had to read though the forum to see your post. How are the aphs doing for you?

Something about working in the fishroom that it does not seem like work. I also keep plants with my killies and other fish. I think the fish are healthier with a heavy plant load.
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Thu Sep 02 2010, 11:16am
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hoi rick

thanks for your replay.
tey are do nothing because i lost all my fish door sick .
i don,t no, how it can happend that i have all my tanks infected with something what i don,t no.
i have all my tanks planted and i breed them on the natural way.and when i see fries i put them in another tank for groing up .that,s my breeding setup .

but you can breeding with mop and java mos or longfiber peat what you will, there are many ways to succes.
best regards ad
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