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Fp. scheeli observation
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Thu Jun 03 2010, 11:33am

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I've been keeping some Fundulopanchax scheeli in a ten gallon tank, and haven't seen any fry. Since I'm too impatient and lazy to pick mops, I put a trio into a five gallon filled to the brim with Java moss and a try of river gravel. I took the adults out of the five gallon when I went away on vacation, and loaded the tank with vinegar eels so that if I got any fry, they'd have something to eat while I was gone.

I've been back a couple of weeks, and only saw on young fish in the five gallon. So I decided to break the tank down, get the lone young fish out of the tank, and start over again, with either the scheeli or some other fish. A few days ago, I took a big clump of java moss out of the tank, and put it back in with the parents.

Last night, I went back into the fish room about a half hour or so after I'd turned the lights out. I needed some light to see by, so I turned the light on over the 10 gallon that had the adults in it. I saw several young fish darting around, which I hadn't seen since I began keeping the adults.

I'm guessing the fry were hiding in the java moss, and I must have transferred them into the big tank when I put the java moss back in there.

Does anyone else have any other thoughts on what happened?

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Fri Aug 20 2010, 06:05pm
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Dontcha hate that! It's bad enough to have the eggs hatch out after separating the parents, but those sneaky fry hiding in the moss are just too hard to find. At least you were able to maintain species separation. I've put java moss into another species's tank only to discover fry later, but from which species? I usually maintain a "What's this?" tank since I hate to euthanize--OK for distinctive males, but females are harder. I've been more cautious since, allowing tanks and the plant life to self-sterilize before introducing the new species. This is just a part of getting to know our fish, I guess.

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Sun Oct 24 2010, 05:47pm
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I keep my breeders in bare tanks with just a sponge filter and a breeding mop and I found three fry from just over a quarter inch to over a half inch in size in the tank with my Scheeli when I did a water change. I can't figure out how they hid and what they ate to survive. I don't feed the parents anything small enough for fry to eat and don't have any plants in the tank.
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Sun Oct 24 2010, 11:50pm

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Jim: I know what that's like... I had three "whatarethey" tanks at one point because I was impatient at moving java moss around... turned out two of the tanks had two very distictive species so not too big a problem... the third tank however, had two similar species, so will have to grow them up more.....
One day I would love to have the perfect system, whereby i utilize three tanks for each species.. that way I have an ongoing rotation.... still think I have issues with my moss though....

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