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What's your favorite killifish?
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Tue Dec 07 2010, 10:24am

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I'll go first. Mine is the mummichog, Fundulus heteroclitus. They can handle extremes in temperature, from just above freezing to at least the high 90s. Water parameters aren't much of an issue, either, going from fresh to hyper saline without any issues. (Soft, acid water will do them in eventually though.) You can even keep them out of water for awhile, with no apparent ill effects. They aren't fussy, and will eat just about anything that's even marginally edible. The males get bring green with yellow spots and yellow undersides and fins during breeding season. They breed prodigiously, and the fry grow fast.

With all of that going for them, it's a shame they end up in bait tanks and on the end of a hook.

Here's the fish base link,

and the link to the fish base photos, including a classic by John Brill:

The only downside is that stupid people release them into the wild, where they can out compete native species. A friend on Facebook told me that mummichogs from ship ballast water are causing problems for native Spanish killifish.

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