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Forthcoming Events

See our 2018 Calendar

May 12 1pm - KKG meeting hosted by Clay Crawford,
76 North Lincoln Avenue, Washington NJ 07882

Jun 16 - Outing/Collecting trip – Plans soon to be posted

For more details contact Cris Diaz - diazcva©aol.com

PView Gallery: Killie Galery:

Monty's Killie Gallery (images: 25 / sub-albums: 0)

Simps. boitonei

Aphanius mento

A. elberti "Ibaikak"

A.elberti "N'tui"

A. elberti "Diang"

Riv. magdalenae

A. elberti "Nanga-Eboko"

A. elberti "Ndokayo"

Apl. dayi

Chroma. bitaeniatum "Meko"

Apl. panchax "Blue"

A. ocellatum "Mali"

Fp. marmoratus

A. australe "Gold Orange"

Adinia xenica

A. elberti "Red T"
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