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Jun 16 - CAKC Outing/Collecting trip – Led by Bob Bock. This collecting trip is to the Rappahannock River, by the bridge at Kelley's Ford, VA. Plan to meet at the entrance of Wegmans (8297 Stonewall Shops Square Gainesville, VA 20155), at 9:30 a.m.

More details in Jun or contact Cris Diaz - diazcva©aol.com

PView Gallery: Killie Galery:

Monty's Killie Gallery (images: 25 / sub-albums: 0)

Simps. boitonei

Aphanius mento

A. elberti "Ibaikak"

A.elberti "N'tui"

A. elberti "Diang"

Riv. magdalenae

A. elberti "Nanga-Eboko"

A. elberti "Ndokayo"

Apl. dayi

Chroma. bitaeniatum "Meko"

Apl. panchax "Blue"

A. ocellatum "Mali"

Fp. marmoratus

A. australe "Gold Orange"

Adinia xenica

A. elberti "Red T"
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