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19 Oct - CAKC meeting hosted by Cris Diaz, Aberdeen, MD 21001

For Club details contact Cris Diaz - diazcva©aol.com

CAKC By-laws

BY-LAWS of the CHESAPEAKE AREA KILLIFISH CLUB, as approved on 21 February 2015

1. The official club name shall be the "Chesapeake Area Killifish Club" and also known as the CAKC.

2. The purpose of this Club shall be to foster and promote the keeping, breeding, and study of Killifish (Cyprinodontidae); to share knowledge and experience; and to foster fellowship among its members, members of the American Killifish Association (AKA), and any person interested in Killifish.

3. Membership shall be open to all persons who share the stated purpose of the Club.

4. The annual individual membership fee and any other financial operating parameter shall be established by the Club Officers, recorded in the Clubs Operation Procedures, and presented to the membership during the second meeting of the calendar year. Any membership fee will become due at the second meeting of the calendar year. Members' fees may be waived at the discretion of the President.

5. Periodic meetings shall be scheduled by the membership on dates and times approved by the membership.

6. The Club Officers shall be elected annually at the first meeting of the calendar year. There are no restrictions on the number of consecutive terms served, however the person elected must be willing to devote the time and effort required (regular meeting attendance) to adequately conduct the business assigned to the office. The Officers and their responsibilities are listed below.

a. President - Provides the leadership for the Club and ensures the Club's business is properly conducted.

b. Vice-President - Assists the President with executive duties and assumes Presidential duties in the absence of the President.

c. Secretary - Maintains communication channels and all non-financial records.

d. Treasurer - collects all funds due the Club, properly disburses funds for the Club, keeps an accurate record of all funds, and provides a brief financial report at each meeting.

7. All motions and nominations will need to be seconded. All votes and elections will require a simple majority vote of the paid members attending a scheduled meeting. To vote, a member must be in good standing. Any proposed changes to the "By-Laws" will require advance publication and a one month wait period prior to a vote.

8. At the discretion of the President, the Club may reimburse a meeting host up to the amount set in the Club Operating Procedures to cover costs of hosting.

9. 9. The Club Officers will review the Operating Procedures following the election and will revise and update the procedures when needed to ensure the health and well being of the Club.

10. Should the Club dissolve, all assets will be donated to the AKA.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of the Chesapeake Area Killifish Club

1. The Board, composed of the elected officers and the Web Master, will meet following the election to:
a. Prepare proposal for the membership regarding proposed Club activities, shipments, and trips to be taken during the year.
b. Set plans and budgets for the proposed activities and operation of the Club.
c. Review and adjust the SOPs, as needed to ensure the prosperity, health, and well being of the Club.

2. The Board will formulate and propose any changes to the Membership fee at the second meeting of the year. Approval requires a simple majority of those members present at the meeting. The current Membership Fee, of $10.00, was last adjusted in 2010.

3. To help defray the cost of hosting the meeting attendees will be asked to contribute $5.00.

4. The President, or officer running the meeting, may instruct the Treasurer to reimburse the meeting host up to the currently designated amount of $75.00, to cover the cost of hosting the meeting.

5. The Club may hold auctions during each meeting and share the proceeds, 75% to the seller and 25% to Club, in an effort to foster a diversity of Fish, Flora, and Fauna. The board may adjust the “split” and starting price, which unless seller accepts a lower opening offer, will be set at:
a. $5.00 for Fish
b. $3.00 for plants
c. $2.00 for food cultures
d. $0.50/Gal for fish tanks
e. All other as determined by the auctioneer