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19 Oct - CAKC meeting hosted by Cris Diaz, Aberdeen, MD 21001

For Club details contact Cris Diaz - diazcva©aol.com


The interent is a vast resource for killifish keepers. Below you will find many interesting sites including those of local, national, and international groups as well as the efforts in individual killikeepers.


American Killifish

The AKA is the national killifish organization for the
United States. The site includes information on killifish, publications,
links to affiliate clubs, and the annual meeting. Many pictures and an
on-line membership application are available.

Arizona Rivulin

One of the newer clubs, yet a very well kept
website. Confused about all those new killi names? You'll find
a KMI 4 Ready Reference Guide to Names here!

International Killifish

(a.k.a. killi.net)

A purely internet based organization (actually, I should
spell that "organisation" as it's based in Canada, eh). Home of a
vast library of photographs and many fine articles. The site comes
in two version, both up and running. Check both out and drop the
webmaster, Richard J. Sexton, a note of support.

Canadian Killifish

Speaking of things Canadian, eh, here's the home page
for our friends up north. Check out the "links" for many international
organizations (OK, OK, "organisation", eh). (There do seem to be
some formatting problems at this site. Don't let them throw you, it
ain't easy being a webmaster).

Potomac Valley Aquarium

Forty years old and it keeps on ticking. The general fish club serving the Potomac Valley area of Maryland, Virginia,
and the District of Columbia. Monthly meetings are usually held the second
Monday of each month in Northern Virginia. Three to four auctions a year,
including a workshop, make this an excellent group to get to know.

Bay Area Killifish

For a taste of the San Francisco area, nothing beats
BAKA. Each April, BAKA holds the largest killifish show on the west coast.
Several CAKC members are frequent attendees. Highly recomended.