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19 Oct - CAKC meeting hosted by Cris Diaz, Aberdeen, MD 21001

For Club details contact Cris Diaz - diazcva©aol.com

Cyclop-eeze – Nutrition for the Millenium

Some information from the article "Cyclop-eeze – Nutrition for the Millenium"
Aquaculture Magazine Products Issue 2000

summarized by Larry Tagrin

Some information from the article "Cyclop-eeze – Nutrition for the Millenium Aquaculture Magazine Products Issue 2000 "...The ornamental fish breeding industry was one of the first to recognize Cyclop-eeze as a new aquatic nutrient with great potential to enhance the quality and value of their products. Today, ornamental fish breeders, collectors, and hobbyests are benefiting from "Nutrition for the Millenium," using Cyclop-eeze for what it was designed for ... to provide enhanced characteristics of superior coloration, condition, growth, and health to cultured aquatic animals. Cyclop-eeze are bio-engineered and cultured micro-crustaceans grown in a pristine, shallow, arctic salt lake. During the brief Arctic summer growing season, Cyclop-eeze breed prolifically, feasting upon special nutrient rich algae." Cyclop-eeze is available in freeze-dried and frozen forms. For more information visit http://www.cyclop-eeze.com/