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Ogoense eggs..breeding tip

A. Ogoense eggs..breeding tip
by Monty Lehmann

I've been reading about the low egg production. In my experience they are quite good at eating their eggs. Add extra mops and put a rubberband around the bottom one-third of the mops. It makes them work harder to wiggle in to lay an egg but they will still get the job done. However it makes it far more difficult for the killies ( usually the female) to find and eat. Also provide lots of food to distract the female and keep her producing. I found this to work many times!

Ogoense will do much better if you cram them with lots of mosquito larvae, put them in a small tank with many mops, temp from 74 to 77. You must be very careful of your water pH crashing at 0 dh. I would harden it to 30 ppm.
You will still get plenty of eggs, but the buffering ability of the water is a life insurance policy for your fish.